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Mar 7, 2017

Inspiration: Olena Korolyuk

Batik - when you spell this word, you can almost sense the sweetish smell of wax. The process itself reminds one of doing a kind of ancient magic- tender cool silk, woven by thousands of gossamer threads, and drops of hot melted wax.

I’ve been interested in Indonesian Batik for ages. But I dreamed of finding my own way, of combining some traditions of batik with new painting methods. At the beginning, I’d been painting on cotton, but then I switched to silk. Soft and gleaming, it allows you to have more freedom in technique, it allows the paints to flow fluently into one another, creating light watercolour effects. This is exactly what I try to achieve in my paintings. But the technique isn’t the main thing, anyway. If a viewer isn’t familiar with painting methods, the technique of an artwork won’t matter for him. He perceives the image in general. My main aim is to share with the viewer what concerns me and to find a response in his or her heart. It’s called “to pierce a soul with colour.”

Music always has been a major source of inspiration for me. In childhood I used to attend music school, and my favorite thing to do was to illustrate the compositions I played. Then I understood that I like art most of all and I started attending art school. And today it seems that I do what I used to do in childhood listen to music and paint. And I’m happy to be able to do what I love.

As an architect, I love the city. That’s why there are a lot of cityscapes among my artworks. A city for me isn’t a pile of stones, but a living organism which has a soul. That soul is not open for everyone and not everyone wants it to be opened. My favorite city is Lviv, the place where my heart is. It is situated in western Ukraine and was the capital of the Kindom of Ruthenia, mysterious, architecturally lovely and exuding the same authentic Central European charm. It attracts us with its quaint cobbled streets, bean-perfumed coffee houses and rattling trams. I like walking through its streets and I’m in love with its rainfall. The rain is as natural for Lviv as the fog is for London, as the Eiffel Tower represents and is the essence of Paris. Lviv rainfall awakens the feelings, makes us feel nostalgic and dream about unrealisable things. It forces us to aim for what is lost, to listen to each other and at the same time to stay alone. It is like dancing a tango.

 All these things constantly pulsate, change and are echoed in my works. And each of my paintings has its own fate, its own unique and unpredictable way of life. So for me, silk painting is a life itself. Each line, each movement of a brush, each colour shade remains deep in the fibers of which the fabric is made. As in the shortest episode of all life, the smallest part of a picture is unique. Spontaneity, exclusiveness, irreversibility – this links silk painting and life. That’s why I like this art medium.

Olena Korolyuk

Olena Korolyuk on Behance

Ukrainian version

Original previously posted in DuniaMotif Online Magazine

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