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Jul 31, 2015

Inspiration: Tasha Goddard

I love the decorative nature of pattern - while I enjoy looking at fine art and modern art, I've never felt the urge to create any of it, but I've always loved decorated items of everyday use, such as patterned ceramics and decorations on stationery and on packaging. Beautifying the everyday can bring colour and joy to everyone, regardless of income, culture or education!

Jul 25, 2015

Food Photography: Learning Process

The popularity and commercial success of self-taught food photographers leave no doubts that there is no need in any specialized certificates or narrow-oriented courses. Interest, time, communication and constant practice – are key elements in the process of formation of the future professional in this area.

Jul 22, 2015

Ceramics by Nadia Ambrozyak

My first work was created at the University, it was ceramic capacity for putting the pot with the plant. I made it with great interest and admiration. For the first time I began to create a form of clay I liked the process of production, and the result was pleasantly surprising and impressive, because unexpectedly for myself, I created something very interesting and original. I was very happy to see how good product was made out and this gave me further stimulus and inspiration to create something interesting.
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