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Nov 21, 2014

Movies about television (list)

November 21 - World Television Day. The day devoted to amazing invention of the XX century and an important part of life of many people on the planet. Lots of books are written about inside processes and mechanisms, relationships and secrets of television production. And, of course, many films are made.

Nov 12, 2014

Vlada Gurdina about MBKFD

On crossing of October and November, already traditionally for me, I visited the International Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. The event, part of the global structure of the fashion weeks: New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin ... and now - Kiev. Significant and interesting for all fashion industry representatives.

Nov 6, 2014

Food Photography Note

Every Instagram user knows, that the shot of the signature dish of even the most elegant restaurant, made by smartphone, can’t get lots of admiring commentaries. In order to get the picture that will be able to make very disciplined fan of dietology if not to run to THAT restaurant, but at least to her fridge – lots of work is needed.

Nov 4, 2014

Alesia Vermeychuk: "self" game playing

When we get dressed in the morning, rushing to work, or gently fingering favorite things, subtly dive into more pleasant actions, we usually don’t think who actually choose our clothes, who "peeps" out of our shoulders when we look in the mirror and nods when the result seems satisfaying. Sometimes it is the boss, sometimes it is a beloved person, whose arrangement, sympathy are especially valuable; for some people – the parents or beloved grandmother invisibly welcomes our warm "sweater with deers" or as the reverse reaction: persistent and irresistible desire to go "unbuttoned" on any frost.

And the result is taken by us as exactly what we wanted ...

... we wanted ... seems like very confident and definitely for us, and as like it goes without saying, to dress as we are accustomed to; and only few recognize the importance of this sphere of life, as the reflection of internal postures, and indeed the ability to make choices. Even fewer people see an opportunity to change something in life through this.

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