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Nov 24, 2013

Wedding in a cold season

The “wedding season” – is the time when the largest number of couples join their destinies together – usually it lasts from June to the end of October. Of course, wedding in sunny summer filled with lush greenery or in golden autumn with lovely leaf carpet all around is amazing. But you shouldn’t forget about such a wonderful time as WINTER! After all, what could be better than a crackle of snow, when all in the nature puts on the bride's wearing and every street turns to the corner of a dreamland? 

Of course, there are some disadvantages in the winter wedding:
- Absolutely no greenery and very cold
- Wedding photos are not so bright and juicy
- Everything around is rather sad

However pluses of cold-weather weddings are still present. And quite weighty.

Nov 1, 2013

Karina Solomko about Velvet Manicure

While trying to warm by favourite sweater and a cup of hot chocolate late autumn evenings, we often wait for some fairy holidays. Adding bright impressions in such moments – very simple thing. One of the ways – is velvet manicure.

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