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Oct 10, 2013

A note about fountains

Fountain splatter / Брызги фонтанаWhile making some photo notes for friends who by different obstacles don’t live in our beautiful city at the present time, I realized that those who have left Kharkiv just a few years ago, would not recognize it today. And at the next moment I got a clear picture in my memory: an interview with Alina Hanbabaeva five years ago.

Talking about her hobbies, Alina mentioned  the project " Not fountain " by magazine "Kharkiv. What. Where. When. ". The base of the campaign was simple: every reader could send information about abandoned fountain and in return got the publication of his photos in that place on the pages of the magazine. I don’t remember the exact number of participants of this project, but there were many pictures.

Only five years gone since then, but most of that images are history now.

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