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Feb 8, 2013

Designer Margarita Gutkina about plumart studio

Many girls know that even the smallest accessory can notably change the image. And there is nothing more interesting in life than changing things around you. I can’t say that handmade is easy, but I know that it is very exciting. In the end, everyone decides for himself: to leave this occupation at the hobby level or take all energy to make it more than hobby, that would gratify not only yourself, but also many people around

Fashion Designer Vlada Gurdina's blog: "About Ecological Design"

Modern clothes production processes are harmful enough for both the environment and people. The reflections and searching for solutions of this problem are included in the concept of "ecological" design that was formed in response to the negative results of the technological revolution. In addition to the global mission – taking care of the environment, the main task of the followers of this trend is the development of technologies for minimum consumption of natural resources with optimal durability of the final product.

Stylist-make-up artist Kateryna Leliuk talking about her work (jul. 2008)

"I think it is interesting for every girl. For me, in particular. From childhood I liked to draw, to think about something in make-up. I took my mother's cosmetics, and later, when I saw different pictures in the magazines - I tried to make them by myself. And when my father got close to this (fashion photography), and when I saw wonderful pictures, where beautiful girls were painted with amazing make-up, I understood – that’s mine!

Alina Hanbabaeva talking about music, television, photography, fountains, art and good mood (aug. 2008)

"There's a style I seek for and what I want to achieve – is to do only what I want and what I like. Now it’s possible, but not quite. I think, that time will come soon.

Irina Usenko - theater «P.S.» actress talking about fashion, theater, radio and lifestyle at all (apr. 2008)

Black Jack: I don’t know how to introduce, I mean, I know you have a workbook note, written as: music programs host, program director? Yeah? In short, the DJ on "Autoradio" Tatiana Subbotina and theater «P.S.» actress Irina Usenko. Hello!
Irina Usenko: Hi!
Black Jack: Today we're talking about fashion and we have a suspicion that you know something about fashion. In any case, you look like a person who probably understands the fashion. We say "probably", just in case, if suddenly you say that you don’t know anything about it. So, do you follow the fashion?
Irina Usenko: Generally, yes, but without fanaticism.

Fashion Designer Vlada Gurdina talking about her first steps in professional fashion career (apr.2008)

"I think that subconsciously I wanted to be a designer at the very childhood. As a little girl, I did some sketches and designs. I thought about some images, some girl characters and various specialties, lifestyle and made sketches for these images.

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